Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rhine River Views 1833

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The Rhine river is 1350km long and flows from a glacier near Andermatt in the Swiss Alps in a generally NNW direction through Germany and empties into the North Sea west of Rotterdam.

The views above are from a short section {~70km} in the Rhine valley between Koblenz and Mainz. This is within a larger stretch between Bonn and Mainz which has the highest concentration of river castles in the world.

Steamship travel along the Rhine began in 1817 and increased steadily during the 1820s. To keep up with the tourist demand for a permanent reminder of their trip, many publications with scenic views were released. A number of these early books with Rhine river views have been digitized and are available from the Rheinische Landesbibliothek.

In my opinion the best of these works is FC Vogel's 'Panorama des Rheins' from 1833. There are about 160 lithographs presented in right bank and left bank volumes. The art work was produced by Jacob Fürchtegott Dielmann and Jacob Becker. The images above (place names in the URLs) are from the Vogel books. I've touched up some of the age related artifact.

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