Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pantagruel I

Just superb! François Desprez. 1565. More to come. See also: Pantagruel II.


misteraitch said...

What a great find! Nearly contemporary with Rabelais, too… I look forward to seeing more. I’d not heard of Desprez before.

Claytonian said...

wow I do believe I love this site

Stewart C. Russell said...

A selection of these images is available as a Dover book, Curious and Fantastic Creatures: 122 Bizarre Beings, ISBN 0486284638

peacay said...

Thanks Stewart. Here's the Dover link or go here for a look inside (first time I've done that. Basta! Can't even take a decent screencap) $6.95.

Unknown said...

over here

peacay said...

Oh yeah, thanks Popeye. I put the reference to this work (the BVH site you linked to) in the second Pantagruel post.

SF Lyons said...

Letting you know I've used a couple of the images above to create a background image for my Twitter homepage, here: http://twitter.com/sflyons

Breathtaking collection of stuff you have on this site. I've never seen anything like it.

GRAZA said...

would like to think that "modern" art is not always done today.
old masters in their relation to reality, very modern.
Without exception they are different from us so that all your fantasies projected onto his era. And we (almost) always send all of their fantasies in the past .. (

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