Saturday, June 10, 2006

In The Clearing

From Samuel Collins 1685 at a Danish Veterinary repository, the link for which
escapes me at the moment - it's around in the science archives somewhere or other.

'The Bat Album' (that was hard to guess)
Jase's Books: 'Handbound Gothic Parchment Journals,
Grimoires, Diaries and Albums'

'The Arcadian Calendar for 1910' by Vernon Hill. {click above image for full size}
Nouveau gothic. Unusual and excellent. [more of his work at FAMSF] (bio.)

'Alice in Wonderland'
carved and painted mahogany, handmade paper,
Ethiopian binding/Coptic end bands/centipede binding

carved and painted mahogany, rusted tin, handmade flax
paper, silver chain, leather, mica window with cicada and
cicada shell, Ethiopian binding/Coptic end bands.

'Greek Half and Half Book'
Painted mahogany, handmade paper, mica window with Baltic and
Madagascar fossil ammonites, Greek binding/Coptic endbands.

'Cod. Pal. germ. 78 Ulrich Erthel Beschreibung des Armbrustschießens in Stuttgart' 1560 - a sort of a shooting club ledger or record [I'm kind of guessing] - all the rest of the illustrations from memory were of coats of arms so it is I suppose, an armorial book. Nice gothic calligraphy.

Unfortunately I have no idea where this comes from.

'Mascarade à la Grecque'
Begnigno Bossi 1771 engraving from a drawing by Edmonde-Alexandre Petitot. It comes from a pdf file (1.3Mb) Bibliorare catalogue which includes a few other eclectic images, including a couple of the Pantagruel illustrations from Desprez in the posts below (the amazingly weird caricature material that BoingBoing would have been better off linking). I believe this image belongs to a set which includes the 2nd last image here.

No idea where this originates but I do remember it was a 12Mb
download so I baulked at returning for other samples.

'Le Temps de Rire et le Temps de Pleurer'
Drawing by Marten-Jacobsz van Veen dit Heemskerck;
engraving by Dirk Volkertsz Coornhert. 1550


'Le Triomphe de la Patience'
Drawing by Marten-Jacobsz van Veen dit Heemskerck;
engraving by Dirk Volkertsz Coornhert. 1564

Click on the Rembrandt image to get to the search page for La Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon print database and search on "heemskerck" for 120 images in very large format. (there's an easier way to get to this timed-session site but the link is being elusive)

'Flightless Moth'

'Corpse of Don Quixote'

Etchings © Brian McKenzie (not a big site but he's posted some beautiful prints)

There would have been more but the first game of the World Cup is starting. And by the way, the annotated archives are the best way to negotiate this site.


two bits said...

The red and black book binding looks familiar to me. I grabbed a few images from a binding exhibit at a library I can't remember, and that looks very close to one of them. I think it was yale or harvard that held the exhibition, but I can't find any record of it now.

¡Benjaminista! said...

'Corpse of Don Quixote': such sinister beauty!

john said...

Lots of Vernon Hills work can be seen online at the Southampton (England) Art Gallery site.

peacay said...

Thanks very much for that John.

Ironic - I had just saved a link to Hill (and others) from the Fulltable site at this afternoon, so that's well-timed.

Southampton Gallery: Vernon Hill.

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