Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mish Mash

A whole batch of the iconic antiestablishment and humorous late 1960s OZ magazines from the UK by way of an Australian duo et al who ended up in Court on obscenity charges (the protagonists appeared during the case wearing schoolgirl uniforms). It's an ongoing project and they have large images available. via Bruce Eisner [via]

The only decent illustration I could find in the first book printed in Malta -
Della Descritione di Malta Isola del Mare Siciliano in 1647 (p.137) at the Vivarium.

The above 3 images come from the Jane Johnson archive at Indiana University. During the mid-18th century Johnson prepared books, ABC flashcards, poems, handcoloured collages and other ephemera to home-school her son. It's really worth a wander through this archive for the language and snippets of social attitude that surface beyond the mere cute. via The Scout Report.

While unsuccessfully searching for the origin of the image above (which I may have posted before) I came across the lithograph underneath at ebay of spiders and crabs from Lorenz Oken’s 1843 book, Naturgeschichte für alle Stände.

Getting an empty desktop (kind of) goes in cycles. Click for larger versions.


Pedro Leite Ribeiro said...

This blog is fantastic! We can spend hours and hours of pure pleasure watching the pictures and searching in some of the links.

Pedro Leite Ribeiro said...

Oh! Do you allow me to have a permanent link in my blog to yours?

Pedro Leite Ribeiro said...

It's again me. I just saw now that BibliOdyssey have been awarded. Congratulations! There's justice in blogosphere!

peacay said...

Thanks Pedro. Link? Sure, no problem.

Catalina said...

I love this blog! Looking at what you are interested in maybe you would like to have a look at this author-illustrator web site: He has blog as well where he writes a little story and illustrate it, but it is in french only......An do you know Nick Bantock?

peacay said...

Thanks Caty. I had a look at Bantock's site and Frederic Clement's too. Very cool stuff. I will 'try' to remember them (I have sooooo much in my head and on the desktop/favourites at the moment).

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