Thursday, May 11, 2006

Flora Brasiliensis

[click for larger versions]

"Flora brasiliensis was published between 1840 and 1906 by the editors Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, August Wilhelm Eichler, and Ignatz Urban, with the participation of 65 specialists from various countries. It contains taxonomic treatments of 22.767 species of Brazilian angiosperms, held in 15 volumes, divided in 40 parts, with a total of 10.367 pages."
In both english and portuguese, Flora Brasiliensis is a wonderful website with a powerful flash zoom or up to 10 pages at a time can be downloaded as pdf files. [via MetaFilter]


* said...

you're right, this is just wonderful..

Michael said...

It is true; These are exquisite.

Thank you very much for sharing your finds.

Ana Sílvia Abreu said...

Parabéns pelo site magnífico! Belas imagens da flora brasileira!
Ana Abreu

Anonymous said...

Hi peacay,
Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius is best known for his "Historia naturalis palmarum (1823-1850) in 3 large folio volumes, in which all known genera of the palm family are described and illustrated.." His illustrations of Palmtrees in tropical settings are wonderful - I just saw them in an exhibition and thought I post you a link. You can view them at the Biodiversity Heritage Library:
Check out Tabs 75, 95,...!

peacay said...

Thanks very much Joao!

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