Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flaming Leopold

[click for larger versions]

This anonymous 1667 German festival book is online at the University of Bielefeld (the image quality after about page 60 is awful). The title is: 'Von Himmeln entzündete und durch allgemeinen Zuruff der Erde sich himmelwerts erschwingende Frolockungs-Flammen zu höchstfeyerli..' for which the translation is rather useless: 'From skies caught fire and by general Zuruff of the earth sky value erschwingende Frolockungs flames too more hoechstfeyerli..'

I am relatively confident it records the celebrations surrounding the first marriage in 1666 of Habsburg Emperor Leopold I of Austria/Hungary/Bohemia to his neice Margarite Theresa, daughter of King Phillip IV of Spain. A number of different hands were likely responsible for the engravings, which vary in quality through the work.


Napfisk said...

You seem to have got quite close. I'm not an expert in Middle German but this is what I come up with: "Flames of merriment for the wedding celebrations set alight by the heavens and swung to the skies by general cries from the earth".

Love the blog!

peacay said...

Oh. The middle german explains why babelfish (not me) borked the translation. Thanks a lot napfisk!

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