Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Art of the Arabic Book

Orion Constellation in Astronomy treatise
'Abd al-Rahmân al-Sûfî' 13th century

Moroccan Koran 14th cent

Moroccan calligraphy 19th century

Ibn al-Jazarî, 'Uddat al-hisn al-hasîn (not dated)

Hasan Massoudy 1994

14th century Egyptian binding

'Abd Allah Ibn al-Muqaffa' Syria or Egypt mid-14th century

The Art of the Arabic Book at BNF (partly in english).

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Kevin Beck said...


Doug said...

Yeah, I love Islamic calligraphy. It's truly an art form and a credit to the culture. :)

Max and Cha said...

nomaly i hate islamic caligraphy.
But this is beautiful.
Thats look like asian.

Sorry for my english

Maxime and Charlotte
Paris, France


EXPLORER said...

Islamic caligraphy contains so aesbthetic forms and has semantics... It cames from an old, rich and unique history. I love it.

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