Sunday, April 09, 2006

Otis Artbooks

Kathy J Miller Jazz

Jennifer Cawley The Relative Sizes and Amounts of Things

Warja Honegger-Lavater Homo Sapiens?

Julie Chen Life Time

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré Knowledge of the World 1998 {Ivory Coast}

Deborah Boardman Memory and Influence 1992

Bonnie O'Connell The Anti-Warhol Museum: proposals for
the socially responsible disposal of Warholia: an artist's book

Carol June Barton Loom 1989

California's Otis College of Art and Design have a huge database of artist books, tunnel books, experimental fiction books, pop-up books, concrete poetry books, miniature books, playing card books, copy books, visual poetry books, moveable books, flip books, comic books, folded books and more in a website that recently went live [LINK UPDATED]. Search by 'artist', 'press/publisher' or wander through by clicking 'browse'. Click on the knife on any page to snip highish resolution images.

Extraordinarily for an institution they have this caveat: "If you an artist holding copyright on any of these works and you object to having your work represented in this database, please notify us immediately. Our intention is purely educational, but we will promptly remove any images you do not wish included."


Sébastien Hayez said...

More artbook please…
Can you also browse for some interesting illustration about music : from original scores to CD cover illustration, thanks again.

Aníbal said...

Awesome stuff.

Chingachgook said...

The current url:

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