Monday, April 03, 2006

Decorative Fantasies

Replete with 48 art nouveau lithographs, Fantaisies Décoratives by artist Jules Habert-Dys provides decorative ideas for pottery, fabric, jewellery, furniture and house decor.

Charles Gillot was the lithographer and the book was released in the late 1890s. Many of the images contain plants or animals and Habert-Dys was said to be inspired particularly by insects. Perhaps cockroach wallpaper will make a comeback?

Fantaisies Décoratives at NYPL (thumbnail page) - not as high in quality as is normally the case at NYPL. Click the images above for full size versions.

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The Crafty-Girl™ said...

well...after a few days away from the computer, look at all the beautiful images you've posted! I can't say what I love more...the birds or the emblems or these decorative fantasies!!! If I only had enough time to create all that comes in my mind with these images...thanks for all the info and site links! kellyt

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