Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wrestling in 1500

"In Saint George’s name commence, and show to the first, over the
opponent.High or low movements, this is how the wrestling begins."

"When he holds himself completely erect and braces from behind, thus you have
him in the Hacken (Leg Hook). So use this technique, that is called the Sthragft."

"When he will pull your Hacken from his leg. Thus use this
technique. It is called the Rigel (bar or barrier). "

"Then he has lifted you completely and has made you come against your will. So use the technique that you see here.Thus he must let go of you or you break his arm."

"The opponent grabs you first.Thus use this
technique, it is called the Abstok (pinning down)."

This treatise from ~1505 by Hans Wurm is another in the large body of illustrated German combat manuals, the Fechtbücher. It continues a tradition of describing the kampfringen - a system of combat grappling or wrestling originating with the teachings of Ott Judd from ~the early 15th century.


Ted Feldman said...

Do you think the technique called "Sthragft" is so-named because one of the wrestlers is bound to say that when it's used?

peacay said...

Heh. Touché. I can only imagine what is yelled during the crotch-holds.

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