Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vladimir Gvozdariki

Illustrations © Vladimir Gvozdev at the Gvozdariki site. There are also wonderful dolls, animations and paintings at the website of this artist from Almaty, Kazakhstan Moscow. The above illustrations are not representative of his other work or at least, he demonstrates some contrasting styles let's say. Excellent stuff!
An article from 2002 - dead link and wrong artist (there is another artist named Vladimir Gvozdev who lives in Almaty, Kazakhstan).
[Updated information comes from the artist - the one from Moscow]


Endment said...

Just found your site.
What a wonderful place to explore.

Really having fun following the links.


peacay said...

You're welcome!

cruelanimal said...

These are wonderful. Thanks for the look.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps books created the world so that they would have somewhere to hide. I accept such an arrangement. Thank you for your work.

Li-An said...

Veruy nice and funny too.

LMsquaredG said...

This work looks a bit like James C. Christensen's work, another brilliant illustrator. If you don't know him, I think you would enjoy his work.

Just found your blog through another one, "Odin's Aviary." It's quite lovely, I must say. Where do you find all of these things?

peacay said...

Thanks Lea - not the most wonderful of sites, that Christensen one. I like the work but the scans are small and a bit skew on the focus. But yeah, they have that east European book illustration 'flavour' about them.

And I find stuff 'on the internet', to give you the smart ass answer. *shrug* Check the sidebar - the 'warehouses' might take you a year to examine properly.

Ze [] said...

Chévere cambur.


Steampunk Jewelry said...

Absolutely gorgeous work! I love the toad :)

Unknown said...

So much talent.

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