Friday, March 17, 2006

Soviet Childrens Books Part II

The International Institute of Social History in Holland have a display of covers from 54 childrens books from the Soviet era of the 1920s and 1930s - in some cases they have another page from the book as well. There are also 2 fully digitized books available.

Previously I posted a couple of examples from McGill University's exhibition and I think there are only a couple of repeated images in the Dutch site. The author/illustrator/year are in each of the above URLs. Excellent stuff.
Inadvertently via boynton.


Anonymous said...


"The Parade of the Red Army" is especially stunning since it's all images and no text.

Thanks again for turning me on to something wonderful.

Dr.Uid said...

Unfortunately, these are not really beautiful ones. The book I really loved when I was a kid, was The Adventures of Pluh The Piglet. The pictures are amazing.
Can download it here
Or if you can't but are interested in it, contact me in

peacay said...

Thanks Dr. Uid. That pig cover zip file is cool although it was a lot of trouble to go through just to see a single image.

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