Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Neither Rhyme Nor Reason

I thought I remembered where this came from but I was wrong.

Travels of the Russian merchant Grigor'ii Shelikhov from 1783 to 1787 from Okhotsk over the Eastern Ocean to American shores, and his return to Russia, with detailed information on the opening of Kyktaka and Afagna - A frontpiece from somewhere in the Meeting of Frontiers collection at the Library of Congress.

The Independent Gold Hunter on His Way to California.
'I neither borrow nor lend'
c. 1849 - from the Online Archive of California.

Tvende Slags Norske Söe-Orme 1752 Pontoppidan, Erik. I think this comes from Oslo University Library; they have a series on monster images and this was the only one I hadn't seen or previously posted.

This is from an interesting set: Greetings received by the National Post Office in Norway from international postal organisations in the late 19th century; in this case from Japan. [thumbnail page]

No recollection.

This is one of about 90 illustrations of snow crystals from the early 19th century in 3 volumes at Waseda University Library, Japan. Somewhere around there is an english description, alas I can't refind it at present. Those of you in the northern hemisphere may not wish to know anyway.

Octonaries upon the Vanitie and Inconstancie of the World created in 1609 by Esther Inglis - a very short handcrafted manuscript at NYPL.

Aeroplane Train Car 1930's - one of more than 200 prints on display in the AE Haliwell collection at the University Arts and Humanities Data Service, UK.

Vetter-Kilian Rose of Bohemia 1677 at Barron Maps.

No recollection.

Leopold, Josef Friedrich, Der in ein Schwein Verwandelte Polnische Edelmann, 1701, Flugblatt, Nürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Graphische Sammlung, HB 24544.

No recollection.

Just uncluttering the desktop. Click images for larger versions.

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