Sunday, March 12, 2006

Early Veterinary Manuals

Vollkommener ergäntzter Pferdt-Schatz
1664 A Vogelmann

Dell’ anotomia et dell’ infirmita del cavallo
1598 Carlo Ruini

Trattato nuovo … del far la razza di cavalli
1672 Georg Simon Winter

Ritterliche Reutter Kunst
1584 Frankfurt (author not stated)

The Compleat Horse Doctor or Horsemans Sure Guide
18th century printed by T Sabine (author not stated)

Von der Gestüterey
Marcus Fugger, 1743

The fower chiefest offices belonging to horsemanshippe, that is to say, the office of the breeder, of the rider, of the keeper, and the ferrer. In the first parte whereof is declared the order of breeding of horses. In the seconde howe to breake them, and to make them horses of service.
?1570 Thomas Blundeville

The compleat husbandman and gentleman’s recreation: or, the whole art of husbandry; containing: I. Directions to cure all diseases in horses … . II. Directions to improve land … . III. To brew pale ale and beer, make cyder … . IV. Of planting and raising trees for timber and fruit … . V. To destroy moles, foxes and other vermin. VI. To heal all diseases in men or women … . VII. Directions in angling
1707 Gervase Markham

Le Parfait Bouvier..
?1817 Published at Chez Delaure (author not stated)

[Click the images for larger versions]

Michigan State University Library have one of the most extensive collections of rare veterinary books and manuscripts in the world. They have a selection of about 50 images on display - mostly frontpieces. Some of the archaic wording and treatments are interestingly amusing and/or scary to read.

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