Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Bookplate Book

"Bookplates are no longer merely guards and warnings to borrowers nor have they been only these for the last half century because so many library owners recognize them rather as expressions of fine art calling for the joint interest of the artist, engraver, and printer.

So now it comes to pass that of the many functions that a plate may have these three stand out; pasted in the front or mayhap the back cover, it marks the ownership of the volume; if it is of artistic value it contributes too a certain embellishment to the tome; and lastly, it may well take its place in the treasures of the art collector, offering him [..] an opportunity to own and store in very modest space a vast number of graphic gems or strange sentiments in print."

Ex libris, by Carl S. Junge; with an introduction by Leroy Truman Goble was a private issue of Junge's bookplates (45, I think) in 1935 and is online at the Posner Library at Carnegie-Mellon University. {this is the first bookplate and then one every 2nd page}

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