Thursday, February 23, 2006

Manuscripts from India

Winged Horse and Angel
Al-Qazwini’s Ajaib Al-Makhluqat's manuscript ('Wonders of Creation')
[Bijapur, Karnataka, India] 1570

Two Winged Angels
Al-Qazwini’s Ajaib Al-Makhluqat's manuscript ('Wonders of Creation')
[Bijapur, Karnataka, India] 1570

The Python Swallows Nanda (Recto), Singeing of the Python (Verso),
Folio from a Bhagavata Purana (Ancient Stories of the Lord)
[Mewar, Rajasthan, India] 1600-1650
{Trivia: This folio page was donated by Michael Douglas and his former wife Diandra}

Four Lines of Elegant Nastaliq Calligraphy
Fakir Abdul Hai
[Deccan plateau, India] 18th century

A Jain Manuscript Cover
Gold silver and silk thread on silk backing
[Rajasthan, India] late 19th century

Battle Scene in a City
Folio from a Ramayana
[?Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India] early 17th century

It's commendable to find that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has posted more than half of its holdings online (I imagine the British Library haven't reached 1%). The images here are in the South and South East Asia section among the 'Book Manuscript Album'- about 200 images in total - with a particularly strong Tibetan component.

I haven't checked out the rest of the site but with such a general dearth of Asian material online I'm happy to find anything that has been well digitized, even when the illustrations are only modestly sized.

Which reminds me, although I don't feel any particular responsibility to post material from unusual places, it's something that I like doing because it interests me - the whole reason for being here. So if anybody, anywhere, anytime wants to email me with links to material they think might make a good post - especially eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa - please drop me a line and I'll have a look. I'm not starved of repositories by any stretch, but these areas of the world are under-represented online and therefore finding suitable books and manuscripts is a difficult task, believe me.

But the same invitation is extended in relation to any obscure/unusual/esoteric book or print material from anywhere in the world - I'm happy to receive advice/solicitation/free trips to the Bahamas with jacuzzi and drinks that have little pink umbrellas by way of bribery and input. No need to be shy.
This is the 400th post on BibliOdyssey and public entreaties are permitted every hundred posts - it's in the rules.

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