Monday, February 13, 2006

The Complete Costume History

"Racinet's work is...not only a documentary treasure-trove covering more than two thousand years of costume. From a historical casts valuable light on the history of museums, the applied arts, and the changing notions of what constitutes a work of art."

Italie [detail]

People on stilts and common people, France [detail]

Germany-Rhine basin - 16th century [detail]

Persian men and women

Women with tufts 1640-1650

Doges of Venice and their Officers 9th to 16th Centuries

East Indian Men

French men and women engaged in conversation
while children chase each other, France, 17th century

Chile, Araucanian Indians and gauchos
" Originally published in France between 1876 and 1888, Auguste Racinet’s Le Costume Historique was the most wide-ranging and intelligent study of clothing ever published. Covering the world history of costume, dress, and style from antiquity through the end of the 19th century, the great work — “consolidated” in 1888 into 6 volumes containing nearly 500 plates — remains, to this day, completely unique in its scope and detail."
Roman [detail]


pita ou franck said...

I 've buy this book 2 years ago when i stop smoking! I love the big format

peacay said...

So...if I stop smoking, you will buy me the book??


;- )

J M said...

Thanks for the link. This is really must-have reference for an illustrator.

I'd like to put my hands on a real copy of this book, but having digital image copies is even more practical. Congratulations for your excellent blog.

Noncommutativity said...

If I put your hands on this book, may I please start smoking?


Kim Carney said...

Can I smoke and lust over them at the same time ;)

Shweta said...

my college library just bought this book...and i luved the content and illustrations

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