Friday, January 27, 2006

French Miscellanea

The above 2 sketches are by Paul Eugène Mesplès
for a 1926 publication: la Pipe Cassée de Vadé.
Jean Joseph Vadé wrote a 4 song Parisian poem
(la Pipe Cassée) in the 18th century
['poème épi-tragi-poissardi-héroïcomique'].

From the 17th century Livre de portraiture d'Annibal Carrache.
[doctored detail]
Update: Annibale Carrachi (Italian artist)

All these illustrations come from La bibliothèque électronique de Lisieux - there are quite a few images from rare publications linked from that gallery page.
[via the wonderful Netlex News website]


pita ou franck said...

A link with very interesting pictures and text ,you are a magician to find so much good thing
thank you .

peacay said...

Thanks pita. There are some beautiful images in there - but the magician is at Netlex: a very good weblog I just discovered.

Mirko Monico said...

Hey Annibal Carrache is Annibale Carracci: the famous Italian painter. He is not french...

peacay said...

Mirko, you are of course correct but the album ---

is held by the Lisieux library, who have 'frenchified' his name. (But I'll add a note above, thanks)

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