Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dutch Voyage to Brazil, Guinea and Argentina

The author of this 1617 book obviously didn't get the memo explaining the difference between 'abstract' and 'title'.

"Journal or daily register of the voyage to Rio de Plata, done with the ship named Silveren Werelt, which under the command of Captain Laurens Bicker, and the direction of the financial officer Cornelis van Heems-kerck, visited the coast of Guinea, where the captain went missing, and sailed alone further to Rio de Plata, where having come up this river to the 60th mile, at Bonas Aeris, had to leave behind the financial officer (who was deceived by the false friendliness of the governor of this same place and went on land to be able to work freely) and 8 other persons, and from there sailed away, and because of terrible conditions almost all the crew died, and in the bay Todos los Santes the rest fell into the hands of the Portuguese, described to serve as a mirror and example for all sea-faring people. / By the master of the ship who was there Hendrick Ottsen" at the Library of Congress. No need to read it really. The above images are the sum total of engravings in this 53 page book.

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