Monday, January 30, 2006

Desktop Decongestant

Santvoort 1664**
[BibliOdyssey 400 years ago]

Philibert van Borssele, Binckhorst (1613)
This is a detail from the frontpiece of a book - no other images in it -
whose commentary makes little sense to me even when translated.

Laughing Girl
Etching by Isabel Bishop 1936
From: The Power of Woe, The Power of Life - Images
of Women in Prints from the Renaissance to the Present

at Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia.

The Birch Bark Book © Martin Grund -
click flag for english explanation -
a book made from the bark of a birch tree
during a 4 month stay in Siberia
[via Metafilter]

Fulvio Fontana 1711 Etchings of Penitents ..Imagini**
There's a whole series of these self-flagellators and on
another day I might have made a post just about them.
But the series I saw was quite repetetive.

Joseph Ferdinand Fromiller 1744 Austria**

**These don't turn up on a regular google search so I presume I snagged them from FotoMarburg/Amsterdam University+/-PicturePedagogica image databases, where I've been rummaging of late.

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