Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Toy Gun Patents

A toy airplane water pistol. Perfect for swooping
in and shooting your sister from behind.
1952 Invented by William R. McLain

The Strato Gun for Futuristic Products Company of Detroit, Mich.
The Strato was a cap gun with a plastic chrome finish.
1953 Invented by Sidney Wasserman and Allen M. Sterns

A Tom Corbett Space Cadet rifle designed for toy maker Louis Marx.
1953 Invented by Mahlon Hirsch

The Pyrotomic Disintegrator Pistol.
This toy gun was made by space-toy manufacturer Pyro Plastics Corp.
You can see a photo of the pistol at
1953 Invented by Grover C. Schaible

A toy cap pistol made to look like a ray gun.
This design was for the J. & E. Stevens Sales Company.
1953 Invented by Frederick J. Maywald

The Official Rex Mars Planet Patrol Atomic Pistol
with a sensational 300 ft. beam flashlight.
1953 Invented by Mahlon Hirsch

Thanks to Andrew of gmtPlus9 for reminding me of the illustration goodness that can be found among the Patent Room's vaults - toy vault in this case. Ahh, the 1950s. What an exceedingly strange wonderful time it must have been!

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