Saturday, December 31, 2005

Image Catharsis

I have no idea where this Abraham Ortelio 1586 map
of the present day Palestine/Israel region comes from.
I've uploaded a large version if you click on the picture.

'Military Habits of the Eighth Century' in:
A Complete View of Dress and Habits of the People of England
by Joseph Strutt 1862. [large selection of plates from this book]

Vanité by Pierre Giffart (sometime around 1700 at a guess)
[Found at the Université de Liège (Belgium) -
Collections Artistiques (Florilège) website
where I enjoyably spent a considerable amount of time.]

Combat entre la lampe au pétrole
et la théière tristesse du sucrier
in L'Opinion (magazine) 1877
[No idea what site it comes from.]

Adriaen Collaert after Marten de Vos
Die vier Weltteile: Afrika - late 16th century.
This comes from the eclectic set of images at the
Ruhr-Universität Bochum exhibition website:
'Allegorische Graphikserien des Manierismus'

"Historia de la vida, hechos y astucias 1769/1781
traditional Don Juan Bartholomé" .. the name this image was saved as on my computer.
I know it comes from a pdf from one of the South American repositories -
if you only knew how much time I spent not finding suitable/sufficient material to make posts on subjects from South America and particularly Asia and Africa....well, anyway - if anyone ever has any suggestions about esoteric and rare book or print image sites or ideas even that pertain to these areas of the world, please don't be shy in passing on the details.

"Küchler, Balthasar"
from one of the festival books at the British Library.

There. A clean desktop for the new year.
Best wishes to all !


Anonymous said...

interesting collection, you've got in here.
i would love to know, where from you took the palestine map?
it's very interesting and "rich"

peacay said...

Heh..that was the only thing I didn't go back and check!! (but I have now).
It's actually Abraham Ortelio (although he is cited around the place as 'Ortelia').
If you go to this page, that particular map is about 1/3 of the way down the page - click for varying -up-to-ENORMOUS versions (my local copy - not the biggest I don't think - was about 4Mb).

It's a great set of middle east maps on that site actually - I had been musing on the idea of making a post out of the page but....*shrug*

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for the quick answer :)


i have "things" with maps, all kind of maps, so, naturaly, this one, interested me, i came to thank you, before, i'll sink in to the link you've sent me.

thanks again
and happy new year

Moon, Israel
one hour before 2006

tristan said...

thanx for all the fun !

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