Monday, December 19, 2005

Evanion Ephemera

"..I had been dazzled by a sudden shower of diamonds.
In his trembling hands lay priceless treasures
for which I had sought in vain.."
[Harry Houdini]

Poster 1874

Poster of Dr. WF Carver ?1880
Champion Rifle Shot of the World

Poster 1887

Poster ?1885
Agnes Beckwith was Champion Lady Swimmer of the World in 1887

{detail} Poster ?1865
Caption not shown - 'Artemus Ward among the Mormons!'

Conjuror and ventriloquist Henry Evans (aka Evanion) was an avid collector of Victorian ephemera relating particularly to the entertainment industry.

The Evanion catalogue is online at the British Library.
[click the images above for larger versions]

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