Thursday, December 08, 2005

Beinecke Dice Throw

A Visit from Saint Nicholas by Clement Clark Moore c. 1850
[All the images from the book as thumbnails]
{I'm glad I never had this sort of vision of Saint Nick as a youngster}

Le Champ d'Asile le Laurier sous leurs pas y croitra sans culture
[The laurel under their path will probably not grow]
Notes: Champ d'Asile, Texas, political saitre, French emigration.
The title contains a pun suggesting that the emigrants culture will not grow.
{*shrug* - no indication as to when this coloured aquatint
intaglio was published - I would guess late 18th/early 19th century}

A Mormon and his wives dancing to the
devil's tune by the Van Deusens 1850 in:
Startling disclosures of the wonderful ceremonies
of the Mormon spiritual-wife system

Haida Double Thunderbird by Garrick Mallery 1894 in:
Picture Writing of the American Indians

Drawing of musical instruments as animal by Johan Beer 1701 in:
Bellum musicum oder Musicalischer Krieg :
in welchem umbständlich erzehlet

I love the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Digital Images Online database. Some people might venture to suggest that it could do with a little association by way of themes but I'm not complaining. Although there aren't too many fully digitized books (that I haven't posted previously) available, there is nonetheless a plethora of unique and unusual book images (and photographs) online. It's also a good opportunity to practice the random word generator part of your mind.

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