Sunday, December 04, 2005

Australian Library Treasure

National Treasures from Australia's Great Libraries begins its display today at the National Library in Canberra. I'm not sure how long the website has been up. There are 170 items of great artistic and/or literary value, parochial ephemera and some honest to goodness kitsch. Which is which is a matter of taste and perspective.


dinesh said...

Hey PK, thanks to this post, I decided to go to the national library. I was down in Canberra for a conference, and though it was a small exhibition, it was quite interesting. They even had don bradman's bat and the original waltzing matilda score. This painting was one of the more surreal ones that caught my attention.

peacay said...

Yeah, apparently it took 4 years to get the show together which I thought was pretty weird all things considered.

I like that painting - I didn't think the web view was a good 'shot' though - I'd like to see it 'live' too and may do so. I have a Canberran brother with a spare bed ;- )

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