Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Incunabulum Astron-14 at the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel (thumbnail page).

Try as I might, I couldn't readily track down anything about this astrology/astronomy manuscript. The author is unknown. Handwriting at the front mentions Guido Bonatus (13th century astrologer), Erasmus (theologian/philosopher died 1536) and Melanchthon (Protestant theologian died 1560) but it's just as likely this was written after the manuscript had been completed in latin set-type. So probably late 15th/early 16th century at a guess.

[These images have been adjusted to remove the HAB watermark together with some artifact from paint bleeding]


Anonymous said...

timely post. you've got saturnus in there, no doubt on his way to rome for the saturnalia solstice celebration?

quote: "The Saturnalia originally were celebrated with a public banquet. It became one of the most popular Roman festivals which lead to more tomfoolery, marked chiefly by having masters and slaves switch places, which led to widespread drinking and debauchery, so that among Christians the (lower case) word 'saturnalia' came to mean 'orgy'."

now that's a holiday i can get behind! "Io, Saturnalia!"

and if i don't speak to you again soon, happy holidays peacay. best.

peacay said...

Well thanks for the fill-in maestro, I hope you have a saturnalized festivus yourself.

I'm out to the countryside in 12 hours for a week but it's likely that I'll have intravenous net access so I'll probably be around. Enjoy!

Matt said...

Great post. Along with many other posts. Thanks for finding this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and I love it! I wish I had all the time in the world just to read all previous posts and follow all of your links. If you like, have a look at my links-page (illuminated manuscripts and illustration)

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