Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sketch Coping

Looks like it's sketchbook day here. I wasn't looking for it but it did come up on the radar and I don't think it has been posted around at all or much. There are about 15 journals with no more than 10 pages in each. It is an ajaxy interface that works pretty well. He also has art. Edgy eclectic and unsual. It made me pause. So it has been successful for this perusing visual commuter.

© John Copeland - you'll find the sketchbooks under 'journals' so perhaps they're journals and not sketchbooks. But a journal is a book right? So it's within the purview of BibliOdyssey.

"I keep small visual journals, which serve as a place to document my surroundings and work out pictures on a small scale. I take depictions of scenes, objects, and people around me, and recast them as visual metaphors, within larger works that talk about psychology, communication, struggle, and isolation. Text is often built up as texture and as a subtext to the imagery. Figures in urban settings, still lives of discarded objects, advertising, windows and trees are common subjects."

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