Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Les Carnets de Benjamin Lemoine

I'm not usually much of an aficionado of the comicbook-type genre. Perhaps it was the voyeurism of being able to thumb through four years of someone's random doodles or perhaps the stars were in alignment today.

Benjamin Lemoine has posted his seasonal sketchbooks since 2001 online. The interface is fine, it's easy just to flick through. I do like his eye, although there is a fair bit of dross between the islands of delight (for, anyway).

It reminds me to an extent of the recent and wonderful DQ3, which I haven't bothered to post because I thought most people coming here will have seen it - it's been out a few months and was posted all around the traps. DQ3 is a turn-the-pages sketchbook flash site and is superb.

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