Monday, November 07, 2005

Démon Cadet

La dernière soirée de Cadet Roussel. Anonymous (? at least the text is) lithographs. A 19th century warning against VD perhaps? My (very) modest french didn't quite work it all out. [Bonus: Soixante transformations comiques and La vengeance de Polichinelle] (via)


Anonymous said...

Nothing about VD, just the evils of gambling. Translation:
1. In lively garb, Cadet, before his night out, passes by his wigmaker’s.
2. It was cold and damp; Cadet got stuffed up; even so, he presented a fine figure at the piquet table.
3. Lady Luck was on his side; helped by the warmth and gaiety of his surroundings, his head cleared and with a well-furnished purse he enjoyed his good fortune.
4. Cadet went back to the table, but Lady Luck had abandoned him. Having lost all he had won, Cadet was desperate!
5. Tempted by the Demon, Cadet bet all his jewels, his clothes! Before long, he was at the door, sans pants!
6. Entirely ruined, Cadet lost his mind and resolved to kill himself.
7. With a powerful pistol shot, his head was violently removed from his body.
8. The Devil, having intervened in this affair, reattached the head to Cadet’s body and descended with it to the home of the damned.

peacay said...

Thanks for that DDC. I was sure a long way off!

Anonymous said...

I was just pointed to your superb site today. Thanks so much. Who can you be?

I remember a song about Cadet Roussel
Cadet Roussel a trois beaux chats
Qui n'attrapent jamais les rats
Ah ah ah mais vraiment
Cadet Roussel est bon enfant.

I remember more and can sing it but I don't think anyone will listen.

peacay said...

Who can I be?
Someone who thinks their (long ago) french from school days has lasted.

I'm in Oz if that helps.

Thanks for the song! I was listening.

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