Friday, October 28, 2005

South African Viticulture

Khoikhoi with cattle, in Cornelius Houtman's
Account of his Journey, 1700 (unpublished).
Houtman's was the first known reference
to wine in South African recorded history -
he used red wine to barter with the Khoi.

1707 diagram of Vergelegen farm owned by
Cape Governor Wilhelm van der Stel

Title page from Cornelius Houtman's Account of his Journey.

Bartering for Supplies at Mossel Bay in Houtman's Account of his Journey.

The National Library of South Africa have an extensive exhibition, Fruits of the Vine, in which they outline the history of wine production, consumption and social and religious nuances associated with the South African Wine industry. There are many sample book images taken from their special collections department (among other display items).

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