Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Scrapbook Indeed

"Alexander Lawson, engraver, died in 1846, leaving behind a great quantity of his own and other artist's work. His daughters, Malvinia and Mary, constructed a scrapbook filled with these artworks, which they donated to the Academy. The scrapbook contains 532 prints, drawings, and watercolors illustrating natural history and scientific books or periodicals, including zoological, ornithological and medical illustrations, as well as technical illustrations and illustration for novels and histories. The engravings cover a wide variety of subject matter, such as ornithology, mollusks, medicine and chemistry, poetry and literature, history, engineering and architecture."
These deteriorating engravings and drawings that form part of the Lawson Scrapbook are all displayed on a single non-firefox compatible page of very large size at the Academy of Natural Sciences. I'll probably make up a couple more posts from that page in the future.

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