Monday, October 10, 2005

Scandanavian Ornithology

Niels Kjærbølling - Ornithologia Danica 1848-1851 & Icones Ornithologiae Scandinavicae 1851-1856, from the Danmarks Fugle Online site.

This would be a wonderful site I'm sure, if I understood Danish or could find a decent translator. There seems to be about 3 databases combined here. First, they have the 19th century illustrations, with links to details about the species, illustrations from history and historic manuscripts and literature as well as links to photographs and more technical information from the natural history museum. Alas.. I can at least tell you that a couple of the humorous illustrations here were done by Hans Christian Andersen.

This link takes you to the first illustration. Click on each bird for a larger image of that bird, even if there are multiple birds on the one page. Click on the small bird icon to advance through the 108 pages of illustrations.

This link takes you to an alphabetical list of the same birds (I think), with latin names as well. But click around. There are weird and wonderful 'accessories' about.

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