Thursday, October 06, 2005

Keio Nishikie Woodblock Prints

From the Treasures at Keio University in Japan. These are (to me) quite exquisite.

They have a few other things at Keio that I'll post in the future.

To make things easy, here are the thumbnail pages - when you click on any image, it will open in a Java applet, which may be a pain in some ways but the zoom is wonderful and there is excellent resolution.

The site is a little slow but I'm not criticizing reallly - the quality of what they offer exceeds any bumps accrued accessing it.

page I, page II, page III, page IV, page V, page VI, page VII

1871 sounds like a good guess judging from this translated (or thereabouts) commentary at the page of origin...

Writer: Ascent 斎 one scene picture subject: Tokyo place of interest 48 scene publishers: Ivy house good fortune warehouse age and the like: (1871 change of seal 1871) appearance: It is hard the large format brocade picture picture 帖 1 volume (also the table of contents 49 figures) (the 40.6×28.7cm) signature * sign: Ascent 斎 one scene writing brush shelf number: (560)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful addition.

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