Monday, October 10, 2005

Historical Anatomies

These are just random details taken from images out of a large selection of historic anatomical texts that I've been perusing online over the last hour or so. I was tempted to focus on a couple of works - in fact most of the images here come from the University of Iowa Hardin Library website, where I started - but ultimately I decided that I might just well post all the links (mostly from the National Library of Medicine), some of which have been circulating around over the last couple of years. This entry can be my link resource for future reference, if nothing else.

These (author names & publication date) all lead to thumb pages unless otherwise stated -

*Asterisks refer to the publication date being (well) after the work was written (and there are maybe 4 or 5 I didn't do this for - it was a thought that came to mind when I added the later entries).

Where does the art finish and the science start?

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cruelanimal said...

You have a terrific blog. What a great idea to post and discuss book illustrations, etc.

I really like the third image from the top -- the one that looks like St. Stephen on crack. That guy's a walking Whitman's Sampler for medieval weapons.

I plan to be a regular here.

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