Saturday, October 22, 2005

Body Mind Spirit

An elaboration upon the William Harvey analogy of a human being to a house structure in Tobias Coh(e)n's 1708 Ma´aseh Tobiyyah. I searched in vain for a full copy of this intriguing book, but there's another image at the Jewish Virtual Library. It is said to be a mini-encyclopedia on theology, anatomy, hygeine, astronomy and botany.
[The image detail here comes from the Library of Congress - highest resolution].

An Indian gouache image from c. 1825
demonstrating Ayurvedic procedures.

A woodblock image from Kokeisai kyuho that
depicts emergency treatments - Japan 1790.

From the Miao-tzu albums of late 17th century China -
it was thought important to empathize with all persons within
the border. Black Mia minority men playing mouth pipes.

The Wellcome Trust Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine have an excellent exhibit, Asia: body, mind, spirit. It charts the history of middle eastern/asia medicine with illustrations from rare texts. Navigate from the sidebar.

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