Saturday, September 17, 2005

Romanian Religious Works

I was thumbing through a Romanian cultural portal (as you do) and although some information and some sites are in english, I stumbled upon what appears to be a repository for antique religious manuscript pages. Many of the images are similarly designed to that below and of course there's no explanation in english. The hashwork (well, that's my term for it) is reminscent of celtic markings.
Liturghierul lui Macarie (slavonă), 1508

That they are religious seems likely with all the 'liturgy' and 'bible' permutations in romanian scattered through the headings and accompanying descritpions - and that's of course a coptic cross in the eagle's beak. I tried a romanian translator for the above site but the result was abysmal. And that writing on the Macarie image could be old slavic or coptic script for all I know.


Unknown said...

It happens that I know about this document, or manuscript: it's in Old Slavonic (official language in the Romanian Orthodox Church, and the Moldavian and Wallachian administrations of that time).


peacay said...

Aaah. Thanks for that. This is a very very old entry. I would have done more research if I posted it today!

(actually I have a post on similar manuscripts coming up in the next week or so from *I think* from the Library of Serbia)

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