Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Master and Margarita

Irina Shipovskaia
Apt. 50 Unlucky Visitors Ch.18

Veselaia kompaniia (The Happy Company) 1983

Mikhail Bulgakov had been dead 26 years when his fantasy politico-religious satire The Master and Margarita was released in 1966. It was written in Russia during the Stalin era. I must profess complete ignorance to its very existence until a short while ago. I'm now very intrigued.

I came across a website devoted to the The Master and Margarita which has a sizeable number of wonderful +/- disturbing illustrations associated with the book. There's also an exegesis of the work.

  • Here's an extended Wikipedia entry if you need anything more.
  • A Russian tv series was being produced last year to the consternation of some - Guardian article.

Irina Shipovskaia
from: Illustrations II

Addit: While we're on the subject, Stalinka digital display - from the University of Pittsburgh Digital Research Library - banners, photos, pins, sculptures, cartoons &c.

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feather said...

It's a wonderful book -- I'd recommend it to anyone, but particularly if you've got an interest in Russia or Russian literature.

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