Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jacques Callot

Les Deux Pantalons (The Two Clowns)
Jacques Callot etching c. 1617

L to R top to bottom: [all c. 1622 etchings by J. Callot]
Gobbo with a Crutch; Gobbo Playing the Bagpipe; Gobbo with Big Belly; Gobbo with Wine Bottle and Glass.

French-Italian printmaker extraordinaire Jacques Callot (1562-1622) produced an astonshing number of prints and drawings during his relatively short career. The above images might be regarded as grotesqueries but his work covers the whole gamut from landscapes to war images to religious illustrations to myriad other forms.

Information wise, the University of Pittsburgh, University Art Gallery (where most of the above were found) has a good collection and background - just a couple of the old links in there are dead. [There's a good explanation about etching -vs- engraving techniques too]

The best repositories otherwise are: the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Other examples of Jacques Callot's work can be found via these links.

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