Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Featherbook

Dioniosio Minaggio worked as a gardner to the Governor of Milan. During his tenure he made Il Bestiarrio Barocco in which 156 pictures were crafted entirely from bird feathers and skin. It was completed in 1618 and is housed today in the Blacker-Wood Library of Biology's Rare Book Collection at McGill University in Montreal.

Thumb page views (high resolution images are available) -

Birds I, Birds II, Birds III, Birds IV, The Hunters, The Comedians, The Musicians, The Tradesmen

Addit: I finally found the information page. Either McGill has some funny linking happening or I wasn't paying close enough attention wandering around their sites.


nansaidh said...

Absolutely amazing, Paul! You should repost this link in a more recent entry - I found it through my obsession to see every single page of Bibliodyssey. ;-)

peacay said...

Heh. Thanks but...I think it's important for integrity's sake to leave the archives alone (mostly).

There are many early posts that could do with a reinterpretation or fleshing out but their presence in their original form serves as a reminder to myself as to how and why the site works better as it is in the present, provides evidence as to my ignorance and tempered vision early on, and also it lets people can see what it is the site has evolved from.

I have idly thought about a redo of some of them but laziness and the above reasons (read: rationalisation) have dissuaded me from putting thought into action. [occasionally I add newer or better links I find and I've posted a few updated images in later posts]

It's amusing to think that just browsing the archives can be an obsession; I guess curating it means I need medication!

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