Saturday, November 16, 2013

Atlantic Crossing

Children's book illustrations of Gédéon the duck 
and his animal friends, by Benjamin Rabier.
The selected images are in page order starting with 
the title page (identical to the book's cover image)

book frontispiece/title-page colour illustration of smiling whale and cartoon animals

3 kids book illustration vignettes between French text

domesticated (cartoon) animals have a meeting in the hold of a ship

1930s funny anthropomorphic illustration of cow falling over causing other animals to be sent flying

3x 1930s comic scenes from Gedeon book featuring anthropomorphic animals between French text

cartoon animals overboard at sea try to save themselves aboard any floating shipwreck debris they can find

book cartoon vignettes of anthropomorphic animals behaving mischievously

coloured book illustration vignettes of animals behaving as humans (birds mostly)

humorous cartoon scene: rabbit sprays soda h2O from a bottle onto fleeing comic-strip barnyard animals

comical colour vignettes of animals behaving as people in 1930s French children's book

hilarious book illustration scenes of animals behaving like humans in French children's book 1933

cartoon animal vignettes: main one with old man in bed surrounded by laughing farm animals

cartoon chickens, dogs, monkeys etc dancing around a dog statue

full page colour book illustration of domestic (talking) animals under a tree

cartoon duck and rabbit illustrations from children's book

back cover colour picture of anthropomorphic dog, turtle and duck in a circus scene

Benjamin Rabier (1864-1939) ('the man who made the animals laugh') produced some sixteen books featuring his beloved animated duck, Gédéon [& friends], between 1923 and 1939.

This is the 3rd post on BibliOdyssey featuring book illustrations by Rabier so I'll keep the repetition to a minimum. The colour saturation has been slightly boosted in the images above which constitute about ½ to ¾ of the book's illustrations.


Joy Murray said...

Great post and your posts never seem repetitive. I like seeing the several works by the same illustrators. Thanks!

Tom Sarmo said...

Found your blog just now. It is remarkable. Bravo and thanks.

peacay said...

Thanks for the kind words Joy & Tom.

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