Saturday, April 07, 2012

Insect Wall Charts

The images here are from the 
Historic Entomology Online site 
at Wageningen UR

"Araneina epeira"
Araneus^ is a genus of common orb-weaving spiders. 
Araneus was formerly called epeira and it remains a pseudonym.

Pseudophyllus neriifolius^ (bush cricket)
Valanga nigricornis (yellow or shorthorned grasshopper^)

Vespula vulgaris^
(common wasp)

Forficula auricularia^ 
(European earwig)

Locusta migratoria^ 
(African migratory locust)

Erysiphe graminis (deprecated)
Ascomycetes ersyphales^
{powdery mildews .. not quite insects}

Die Mehlmotte
Ephestia kuehniella^
(Mediterranean flour moth)

Mucor mucedo^
(soil fungus distinguished by the formation of sporangia: also not quite an insect.)

Pediculus vestimenti aka Pediculus humanus aka Pediculus corporis
(body lice)^

Heliothrips rubrocinctus^
(Red-banded thrips : tiny, cigar-shaped, flightless, 
feather-winged, tropical fruit-loving insects)

Melolontha vulgaris
(may-bug or cockchafer^ or sprang-beetle)

Myriopoda lithobus
(Myriopoda - or Myriapoda - is a sub-phylum of Arthropoda^ 
containing the segmented critters: centipedes and millipedes)

Labrum, maxille, mandible, mandibula
(schematic of insect mouth parts^)

Periplaneta americana
The American cockroach^ (native to Africa)

Apis mellifica^
(Honey bee from the insect order, Hymenoptera^)

Schematic diagram of Lumbricus (earthworm^) species

A cicada^ species

Calandra granaria
(a type of grain weevil [genus now called Sitophilus^])

The selection of wall chart images was taken from the *Wall charts Entomology and Phytopathology* collection out of the Special Collections Digital Library at Wageningen University and Research Centre (Holland). [Special Collections]

The linked caret ^ characters nestled in the insect image captions above lead to a wide range of entomological sites for anyone wanting to delve deeper into the world of creepy crawlies, or for those seeking extra credit points.


Many site visitors know that all BibliOdyssey posts are summarised and tagged at the Delicious bookmarks site. This will continue unchanged.

But I've also recently started a PINBOARD bookmarks account - the intention here is to save the same BibliOdyssey blog posts (but with more detailed tags) PLUS add links to significant exhibition & research database sites (you know: the usual art/book etc fare of this place).

So it will hopefully end up being something approximating a permanent edited collection of the BibliOdyssey twitter feed. Does this all the sense be making? It's to help me keep track of everything essentially, but others may find it helpful in warding off boredom, ignorance and vampires.


Paul said...

absolutely fantastic - thanks for posting, was wondering if I could re-use a couple of these images om my blog here GardenGuests - full credit and a link back given of course ... either way, excellent work.

Unknown said...

These are mind-blowingly impressive. Wow.

Bishop said...

This site is simply memorable...thank you!!!

Paul said...

nice work - thanks for the source links.

ben268 said...

These are really cool. Came here from Pinterest, keep posting stuff on there!

Andrew said...

Beautiful and disgusting!

Kofi Ichu said...

But they aren't public domain, is it ??

peacay said...

Contact Wageningen U for info about image rights. I can't comment on Dutch law.

Karla said...

It's always important to ward off boredom, ignorance and vampires. As you know, I spend most of my time doing just that!

Marjee said...

One of my favorite posts on one of my favorite blogs. The neuro anatomy in the head of an ant. I can't even wrap my head around the sill that would require to illustrate.

Nile B. said...

I've pulled many images here for my own personal reference, thank you for such a wonderful collection!

Unknown said...

Hey does anyone know where I could order these as posters?

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