Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paper Lanterns

Papierlaternen-Fabrik a

Papierlaternen-Fabrik b

Papierlaternen-Fabrik c

Papierlaternen-Fabrik d

Papierlaternen-Fabrik e


'Papierlaternen-Fabrik Riethmüller' [maker's catalog] Anonymous, c. 1880 - happy chromolithographs - from the Metropolitan Museum of Art website. {six prints are it}

Previously related? Not really, but still.. Paper Gods + Day of the Dead - Papercuts + Watch-Paper Prints.


Claudine said...

Vraiment un très beau blog ! Je reviendra me promener dans tes pages. Très bonne soirée

desmond said...

What great little pictures! Strange though... paper lanterns! Fabulous.

lotusgreen said...

wonderful. I am just realizing that, having spent time going through almost a year of your posts, I feel high -- I mean literally; I feel like I've been toking up.

You have a psychodelic blog.

peacay said...

BibliOdyssey: medicinal grade optics

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