Monday, September 13, 2010

Indian Textile Designs

Indian Textitle Design j

Indian Textitle Design a

Indian Textitle Design b

Indian Textitle Design c

Indian Textitle Design d

Indian Textitle Design e

Indian Textitle Design f

Indian Textitle Design g

Indian Textitle Design h

Indian Textitle Design v

Indian Textitle Design u

Indian Textitle Design l

Indian Textitle Design k

Indian Textitle Design m

Indian Textitle Design a3

Indian Textitle Design a1

Indian Textitle Design z

Indian Textitle Design a15

The traditional Indian textile patterns seen above were taken from a book-cd I had out on loan from the library some time ago. Unfortunately, I don't recall the title, but these aren't exactly secret or unique designs.

If you've ever been to India, some of these simple patterns might be familiar. They constitute a small sampling from a dynamic parade of unrelenting culture: the literal and metaphorical fabric of an astonishing Indian society. There are more examples in the set.



Lango Aurelian said...

This post reminds me to ask:
What is it about design, specifically, repetitive design, that pleases the human heart and human soul ?

Such, seemingly, simplicit, and such explicit, emotional results. It's almost a mathematical incantation. A metronomic, soothing quality. Hypnosis via repetition. Yes ?

I'm VERY curious. PLEASE give me feedback ! Well, whatever it is, we have a surfeit of examples here. I'M masturbating. Are you ? !!!!!!

peacay said...

You mad bastard. I am in complete agreement with your second paragraph. Visual metronome does it for me, but all of those metaphors work, unlike your 3rd paragraph. Anyone else and I would probably have deleted it. You're welcome.

Lango Aurelian said...

I loved my 3rd Paragraph and am feeling quite bereft at your derision of it.

Lango Aurelian said...

I sincerely THANK YOU for your GENEROUS, Geometric response. I have sincere and serious issues about my responses to Serious Posts.

Human Experience.

VOILA !!!!!

Lango Aurelian said...

GOOD PROVOCATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aetherea said...

These designs are quietly elegant, like the thought of morning tea, scones, jam and creme fraiche on a sunlit terrace.* Love them. I have several bedspreads with similar images and use them as tablecloths so I can appreciate them every day. Thanks for posting them!

*since today is my bday, I'm off to indulge. Wishing you a good day, too!

We Do Better said...

I love those designs. Thanks for posting this.

Scott Lougheed said...

This is rad. Keep up the great work.

Sonja Sofija S said...

Simple, hypnotic, clear/clean.
There's something about it...

pamela said...

I'm pretty sure those designs were published in a Dover Pictura book (with CD). Most probably this one,

though I think the cover is different from my copy, which is out on loan currently.

peacay said...

Quite possibly so, but I, too, don't recognise that cover. Certainly Doveresque though!

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