Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ornamental Silverware Designs

food vessel with handle and metal carafe designs

ornamental jug sketches

designs for ornamental bell and chalice

sketch designs for metal drinking vessels

ornamental knife and fork and ornate decorative plate designs

metal food container with lid and embellished anthropomorphic three-footed vessel

food or fruit bowl designs

stirrup cups or non-standing goblet sketches

scent or spritz bottle designs

perfume or spritz bottle designs

silverware scent or spritz bottle designs

perfume or spray bottle drawings

ornate soup tureen and candlestick silverware designs

two decorative ceremonial vase designs

'Entwürfe für Prunkgefäße in Silber mit Gold - BSB Cod.icon. 199 Augsburg oder Nürnberg 1560 - 1565' is available online from Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum. About two thirds or three quarters of the album's illustrations - modestly background cleaned - have been posted above.

This album of ceremonial silverware/tableware, displaying an imaginative and adventurous use of Mannerist ornament, including anthropomorphic, marine, grotesque, fantasy, monster and classical mythology motifs, has been attributed, in modern times, to Erasmus Hornick (early 1500s - 1583).

Erasmus Hornick: "Flemish goldsmith, printmaker and draughtsman, active in Germany. He trained as a goldsmith in Antwerp and was probably already established in Augsburg by 1555, when he married Afra Haug, who was from a prominent Augsburg patrician family. Between 1559 and 1566 he was active in Nuremberg. Because of his reputation as a goldsmith, Nuremberg's city council honoured him in 1559 with citizenship, and in 1563 he was admitted to the goldsmiths' guild. After giving up his Nuremberg citizenship in 1566, Hornick presumably returned to Augsburg, where he is recorded in 1568, in 1570 (when he remarried) and again in 1578." [source]

Pendant designs by Hornick, 1562

One handle and two pendants; with Neptune and
Amphitrite on left and a man killing a dragon on right.

Jewellery design details by Hornick, 1562

Two muzzles and one fox-paw (clasp details);
from a series of twenty etchings of jewellery designs

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