Saturday, September 27, 2008

Knight's Tournament Book

medieval tournament - knights jousting

knights jousting tournament

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p25

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p27

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p29

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p31

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p37

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p39

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p41

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p49

tournament book jousting

medieval knights jousting

jousting tournament

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p69

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p73

Turnierbuch Ritterspiele p71

'Turnierbuch. Ritterspiele gehalten von Kaiser Friedrich III. und Kaiser Maximilian I. in den Jahren 1489 - 1511 - BSB Cod.icon. 398' is online at MDZ. [Link updated July 2013]

~(Tournament book. Knight games held by Emperor Frederick III & Emperor Maximilian I between 1489 and 1511)

The bright, colourful tunics and horse covers make this anonymous manuscript from the mid-1550s an eye-catching delight. There is background information available for the keen (in German) [translation]. All of the above images (which are about half or less of the total) have been modestly spot/stain cleaned.


MAD said...

Thank you for posting this, the images are truly beautiful!

Karla said...

I wanna be a knight! (But not to be unhorsed. I think this is the first set of jousting images I've seen where anyone is actually unhorsed.)

While these pictures are much more beautiful, I can't help being reminded of some Czech jousters I photographed a couple of years ago. The real interest there was more in the juxtaposition of jousters and 1970s paneláky rather than in any artistry on anyone's part, although they were fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

i can't ride horse.., but i will learn :P ikz

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this!

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