Saturday, September 22, 2007

Textual Flourish

Prziwiley frontispiece

crowned eagle motif and flourished writing

embellished calligraphic text

Polish calligraphy

16th century Polish calligraphy

detail letter 'P' flourish

textual garland

embellished letter 'W'

embellished manuscript detail

embellished calligraphy

decorative calligraphy detail

Latin calligraphic flourish

The listed title of this wonderfully embellished document from the National Digital Library of Poland is:
"Prziwiley okolo uniei za odiazdem Litt. : [oraz inne uchwały sejmu 1569 r. i sejmów z lat 1562/1563, 1565]"

Going out on a deductive limb, it is probably an official account/agreement/order/document relating to the Union of Lublin {1569} under King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland in which the Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland were united into a single Commonwealth.


Zooey Glass said...

Dear Paul,
my friend Jacek, the historian, asked about the document said that this is:
"To jest klocek kilku różnych recesów (wypisów kancelaryjnych). Pierwszy to potwierdzenie i aktualizacja starych przywilejów królewskich (głównie króla Aleksandra), danych delegacji litewskiej po podpisaniu unii lubelskiej, a przed jej odjazdem z Lublina na Litwę.", what means (in my miserable english) "This is the block of some different chancellery extracts. First of them is the confirmation of old king's privileges (mostly of king Aleksander), given to the lithuanian delegation after signing Unia Lubelska treaty, before their departure from Lublin back to Lithuania" .
Best regards

peacay said...

Thanks Tomasz and your english is not miserable! It is fine.
Oh that's about right - I know the Union of Lublin happened over a number of years so that's why there are a few documents.

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