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The Jules Rupalley Album

Californian goldminers - engraving

The Miners - Group of miners around well-like shaft in rocky setting
[Quirot & Company (active ca. 1851-ca. 1853), lithographer and publisher]

Morning glory-style plant

California flowering plant -
Morning-glory-like plant with six-petalled white flowers

Peruvian cactus

Peruvian flowering cactus

white flowered plant

California flowering Spring plant with roots

Californian vine and seed transection

California flowering vine -
Stem with small white flowers, seed pod, and individual seed

plant drawing - yellow and white flowers

California flowering plant -
Plant with yellow and white flowers, and roots

magenta Californian snow flower

California Snow Flower -
Flowering magenta color plant in situ growing from snow

broad leafed plant drawing

California flowering plant -
Plant in situ showing broad leaves and pale pink flower, and two details

red-pink flowering plant

California flowering plant -
Plant with five-petalled pink flowers (cropped)

yellow flowered plant

California flowering plant -
Stem with leaves and large, yellow flowers

red yellow green chysalis

Chrysalis of a caterpillar

caterpillar eating morning glory

Caterpillar eating a morning glory leaf

insects, butterfly and caterpillars

Caterpillars, chrysalises, a butterfly, and insects of California

wasp drawing

California insect: enemy of tarantula

quail head drawing

Quail's head

view of greenwood valley, Ca.

View of Greenwood Valley, California. 1851
"Small mining town with main street running from left to right; mostly one-story wooden buildings line each side; small figures, horses and horse-drawn carriages scattered throughout scene; groups of miners, some digging with picks. Sparsely forested hills in distance."

male Native American head

Portrait of Indian man from Stanislaus County, California

female native American head

Portrait of Indian girl

The Jules Rupalley album forms part of the Robert B. Honeyman, Jr. Collection of Early Californian and Western American Pictorial Material at the Online Archive of California.
It contains "over one hundred watercolor drawings primarily of plants and insects from Northern California. The views were executed during Rupalley's travels across California southern mines, the area south of Stockton and around the Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers, and Sierra Nevada foothills (Rupalley calls this area "Californie du Sud"). Some of the drawings have annotations in French and include transliterations of Indian plant names. The album also contains several views executed during Rupalley's travels aboard the ships "Louis" and "Surprise", and a number of published prints (not by Rupalley) related to mining and California life."

"Born near Caen, France on March 1, 1810. Rupalley arrived in San Francisco with the Gold Rush in 1851 aboard the ship Louis. He lived in Benicia and Vallejo and spent several years in Stockton. As well as the pursuit of gold, he was an avid botanist. Active in northern California until 1857, he then returned to his family in Caen where he was a tax collector for the city. Most of his watercolors and sketches are of flora and fauna in the Sierra and around the Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers. His name was given to a California flower called Rupalleya volubilis." [source]

'Splendide Californie - French Artists' Impressions of the Golden State, 1786-1900' at the California Historical Society (note the 'Image Gallery').


Juke said...

Sexiest quail I ever did see.

Karla said...

There are indeed fetching quail in Northern California. Shy birds, though, I believe. They scamper off in the underbrush when one approaches.

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