Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Warsaw Print Album

Album Cynkograficzno-Rysunkowe by Jan Feliks Piwarski, 1841: Titlepage

Album cynkograficzno-rysunkowe (titlepage details)

Piwarski - Baranki! Szynki!

Piwarski - Baranki! Szynki! (detail)

Przedsionek na Pociejowie

Sucha Arenda

Zaduszki by Piwarski

Kiszki z Pieprzem Gorace!

Litkup na Pradze

Pan Maciey zod Lukowa

Speckulacya na Predce

Speckulacya na Predce (detail)

Cebularz Warszawski

Garkuchnia pon Studnia

Graiek Mazur

Graiek Mazur (doctored detail)

Handel! Handel! lithograph

"The lithographs presented here are taken from a collection published in 1841, entitled ‘Album of Twelve Warsaw Zinc-prints and Drawings’. The Album was created by Jan Feliks Piwarski, a custodian of the Engravings Room of the Public Library in Warsaw, a painter, a graphic artist and a teacher."

"His lithographs (and zinc-prints) mainly focused on Poland-related topics, thus making him one of the forerunners in that field. Good examples of his output are provided by the lithographs presented here, which depict familiar scenes from the 19th-c. everyday life in Warsaw."


Bonnie Branson said...


pRiyA said...

hi pk,
since i have to periodically get excited over illustrations that i have seen and share it with you, please have a look at this -

very thought provoking.
and i'm SURE you couldn't have seen it before!

peacay said...

Oooo k..

Um, that was oddly interesting in a partly disturbing way. I wonder what a psychiatrist would make of Armin's porcine predelictions.

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