Monday, February 26, 2007

The Infinitesmal II

Hydatinaea pili mashup

Gonium, Eudorina, Syncrypta, Sphaerosira, Synura etc

Bacillaria, Euastrum

Vorticellina, Epistylis

Vorticellina, Stentor

Trachelina, Loxodes, Bursaria

Trachelina, Nassula, Amphileptus

Trachelina, Spirostomum, Phialina, Glaucoma, Chilodon

Vorticella, Carchesium

Ophydium, Tintinnus, Vaginicola, Cothurnia

Ophyrocercina, Amphileptus, Trachelocera

Philodinaea, Actinurus, Monolabis, Philodina

Stentor, Trichodina, Urocentrum

Hydatinaea, Pleurotrocha, Furlicaria, Monocera

Hydatinaea, Rattulus, Distemma, Triophthalmus, Eosphora, Cycloglena, Theorus

Ichthydina, Oecistina, Ptygura, Ichthydium, Chaetonotus, Glenophora, Oecistes, Conochilus

Megalotrochaea Floscularia, Microcodon, Cyphonautes, Megalotrocha, Lacinularia

Navicula, Cocconeis

The images above and in the previous post come from the 1838 book by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg called 'Die Infusionsthierchen als Vollkomene Organismen'.

There is also another, earlier post - Microgeology - which has more of an outline about the extraordinary contributions to microbiology and paleontology made by Ehrenberg.

The Humboldt University Museum für Naturkunde have high resolution images from a number of works by Ehrenberg and they are all enormous. By way of justification to myself for blind downloading, I've added the image below which started out at a cool 65Mb (ouch!), from a work entitled 'Symbolae Physicae'.

The first image above is something of a mashup. Click everything for much larger versions.

Zoologica phytozoa

Update: I nearly forgot. Following on from past centenary post precedents, I extend an open invitation to anyone who has links to book/print/graphic material -- particularly from the less represented areas of the world, but really, from anywhere/anytime -- that is in keeping with the style of this site, to make contact either by mail {peacay ATT} or by adding a comment with a recommendation. I do look at everything. And no, the cupboard is not empty.

To those who have slipped links and pictures to me previously by way of email and delicious, if I haven't posted the material, there may be several reasons --- I haven't figured out how I might use it yet, the images are a bit small, there is a post somewhere here in the archives that covers it already, or it didn't grab me when I saw it the first time. I am nothing if not capricious. But I am grateful for any and all tips, pointers, website critiques, recommendations, life advice, date offers, dress criticism, recipes and the related somesuch. No need to be shy.


Karla said...

"But I am grateful for any and all tips, pointers, website critiques, recommendations, life advice, date offers, dress criticism, recipes and the related somesuch. No need to be shy."

I had no idea you were open to all of the above as well as to the standard image source recommendations. What sort of life advice and dress criticism did you have in mind? Surely you are contentedly settled in your cell (I envision a computerized version of an early desert hermit's abode, but perhaps it is more sybaritic?) and have food delivered courtesy of one of the blog's wealthier admirers.

By the way, is it the new Blogger's fault that the layout does not look as elegant as before?!

peacay said...

Full literal parsing is not compulsory Karla, but I will have anchovies on the next pizza delivery to the pleasure dome thanks very much.

I *think* new blogger changed something. Or perhaps it was me - I had some seemingly (at the time) intractable layout problems in I.Explorer and I think I just stripped out the css changes and started again. There was much trial and error. But it becomes much more elegant if you visit regularly, I promise ;-P

I've always aimed for a minimalist site - either to reduce background noise so the post content appears more elegant or to hide my pathetic coding skills. You choose.

Karla said...

Mmm, anchovies! (Around here I'm afraid pizzas often come with things like corn and hard-boiled eggs, which I find a bit barbaric.)

I think what seems different about the site is that the links have sunk to the bottom (as did mine for awhile). They look, I think, more elegant next to the posts. But I don't know what makes them move about when we ourselves haven't done anything to them. Mine migrated, then migrated back. 'Twas strange.

peacay said...

Huh? Oooooh! Delicious links! Gotcha. I thought you meant the whole sidebar.

I'm sure I stole your code because you were the first I saw to have them at the bottom of the page - where I've always had them here.

I prefer less sidebar clutter (or at least more pics).

When you said 'sunk to the bottom' you made me have one of my rare looks at the site in I.Explorer --- it was because of the sidebar sinking (which also happened miraculously and periodically) that I stripped out changes to the css and started again.

It's also made me much much much more diligent about image attributes (images are the culprit for the sidebar sinking -- or were for me)

Karla said...

I did mean the sidebar, not the Delicious part. I'm quite content with you having copied me in putting Delicious at the bottom for the serious readers.

I think you're right about the images being what drag the sidebar to the bottom. Another blogger (P'tit Loup) said that proved to be what made hers sink. The weird thing is that in IE they sort of (sometimes) make a brief flashing appearance toward the top and then vanish. I haven't checked in Firefox.

peacay said...

I can't quite recall if I've ever had 'sidebar droop' in FF. Someone in my family I think it was told me about the look in I.E., wondering why I'd changed the layout. That's when I started adding the height/width attributes to all images and I *think* also some caveat css code (someone told me) that limited the image width on the main page with respect to the sidebar...or some such palaver. I also have some memory about javascript wreaking havoc in I.E. - that may just have been fixed with some separation [p] or [br] tags in the sidebar between thingamadoodles.

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