Thursday, January 11, 2007

Penman Scrapbooks

Stocks cartoon

calligraphic bird

penmanship example

calligraphic bird

IAMPETH calligraphy example

scrapbook calligraphy - bird

penmanship letters

IAMPETH scrapbook calligraphy

Penmanship scrapbook example - 'spring'

bird calligraphy

feather calligraphy

Drawing of bird in calligraphy scrapbook

bird penmanship exercise

bird calligraphy from IAMPETH

Alphabet calligaphy

Why do birds feature so prominently in penmanship exercises? IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) recently added two scrapbooks to their rare books on calligraphy and penmanship holdings. The dated examples were from around 1900. {Large images are available} [Some of the above images were cleaned up and trimmed slightly - click for enlarged versions]


Anonymous said...

Stunning pk.

As usual.

Anonymous said...

"Shoo! No flies allowed on my pen." (ha!)


Anonymous said...

amaaaazing trace...

Anonymous said...

insanely delightful

Anonymous said...

I never would have guessed penmanship exercises to be so lovely. I've just found your blog and would like to thank you for digging up gems like these.

Anonymous said...

Birds were/are a favorite motif because 1. they are very graceful creatures and 2. the connection of the bird to the quill/pen

Nice website.

James Ivey
IAMPETH Webmaster

peacay said...


Ahhh. Of course. Now I see it was a stupid question. Heh. Thanks James.

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